Bayside's Celebration Arts ministry really has one main goal-- connect people with the Lord Jesus.

It's powerful when the whole room is united and singing to the Lord together.  When the whole place is passionate and moved to worship.  I have seen some churches where worship is pretty ho-hum.  Spectator worship.  People staring at screens or the band.  Polished songs but little connection.  Have you seen this?  It's a bummer and the Lord is worthy of more and I believe people hunger for more.  So around here we fuss with creating the kind of environment where worship is engaging and alive!  How do we go about doing that here?  3 main ways...


1. Lead the congregation in worship (Connect).

Our teams focus on drawing people into worship; as the leader I'm always thinking about ways to connect with people and focus them on the Lord.  All the music, technology, rehearsals, etc. aim at that one thing-- engaging people and pointing them to Jesus.  It's why we rehearse, set up sound systems and screens, and choose songs that speak to people.  We're not looking to just play songs, we are looking for response.  It's not good enough to do a nice job technically- we hope for the musical worship time to move people, pull them in, point them to the Lord, and release them to passionate worship of the living God.

2. Develop the skills of our volunteers (Grow).

Excellence honors God and inspires people, so I'm constantly pushing team members to get better.  Our Pastor John asked me since the beginning of this ministry to help develop the skills of our musicians and techs. I think of our ministry as a sort of greenhouse.  It's a place where people can bring the talents the Lord has given them, cultivate them, and see them grow.  Our volunteers fit into one of three groups:


-Recreational: enjoy their craft, but probably won't ever be pro at it.

-Semi-pro: good enough to get paid here and there but probably won't go into it full time.

-Pro: do it for a living (or good enough to).

I set a pretty high standard, but will work with volunteers according to what group they are in and what their goals are.  For example, we have some musicians who hope to be pros someday.  I push them pretty hard.  I go a little easier on recreational musicians:)  But the idea for ALL our volunteers is that being a part of this ministry stretches and grows their skills to FAR beyond where they were when they started.

3. Get outside (Serve and Reach).


We minister in settings beyond weekend worship services.  Our teams do community outreach events and lead worship for mission trips, camps, retreats, conferences, other churches, youth events, etc.


I am a firm believer that a variety of ministry experiences builds community and skill on a worship team, so I'm always looking for ways to get our team out.  You can read more about the hows and whys of this structure on our Touring Philosophy page.


Our church as a whole exists to help people connect to God and each other, grow in faith and character, serve people with the gifts God has given them, and reach out to those who don't yet know the Lord.  Hopefully this window into our little corner of the church has helped you understand the specific ways we seek to carry that vision out.

If you are interested in getting involved or have more questions, feel free to email me or call me 530-207-9875-- I'd love to talk with you more about the ministry.


Peter Neumann

Celebration Arts Pastor

Bayside Church of Woodland