Whats Happening at Bayside

God has an incredible purpose for your life, and Growth Track is designed to help you connect with that purpose. In Growth Track, you will spend four Sundays looking at how to: 1) connect to the church, 2) find freedom, 3) discover your purpose, and 4) use your spiritual gifts to make a difference. Join us THIS SUNDAY, 08/19 for Step THREE from11:30-12:30 (just follow the signs). Lunch and childcare will be provided.

As the end of summer approaches, we recognize that there many great things we want to see God do at Bayside and in our community and in our lives. Because of this we are committing 21 days in August to prayer. Prayer is an incredible gift that God has given us with the potential to change our lives and to bring incredible depth into a relationship with Him. So many people haven’t experienced the joy, power, and greatness of prayer. In August we’re going to spend three Sundays looking at the incredible prayer of Jesus to his father in John 17 and see the depth and closeness that God desires for each of us. We’re going to have opportunities to pray every day for 21 days with request for Bayside’s future’s hopes, goals, and dreams as well as for our country, our leaders, and our community. We’re going to conclude our 21 days of Prayer by coming together with Woodland Bible Church and having a Prayer and Worship night on August 26th. We hope you will join us and take the challenge of praying with us!

There’s increasing hostility towards Christianity in our culture. Sharing your faith feels like a landmine. Often Christians feel unequipped to answer the tough questions people are asking. On October 5th and 6th some of the greatest Christian thinkers from across the globe will tackle the hard subjects at the Thrive Apologetics Conference. Their goal is that people walk away more in love with the Bible, more trusting in God, and better equipped to have a faith conversation with someone they know. For more information or to register, please go to https://www.thriveconference.org/